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Wild in the Parks Global Championships - The Berrics - Los Angeles, CA 2015
Volcom’s Wild In The Parks tour took over The Berrics in Los Angeles, CA for the 2015 Global Championships on Saturday October 17th with over 220 competitors traversing the globe for their shot at the $15,000 cash purse. Over 15 countries spanning 6 continents were in representation and making a bid to stand out at The Berrics. This skateboarding haven has been the premiere proving ground for top tier pros and up and coming ams. This set the bar so high that good tricks only received a golf clap, the massive crowd fiending for the incredible. This call to action was answered in a big way as competitors threw down some NBD’s that left everyone reeling and wondering who would take the Global Championship title. Petter Brunnatne cruised out with the Norway posse and earned 4th place in the 14 & Under Division. Hailing all the way from Portugal, Gustavo Ribeiro laid down some hammers like this 360 flip lipslide and took home 2nd in the 14 & Under Division! With a barrage of tricks in every zone, Daisuke Ikeda surprised everyone with an NBD mctwist in The Berrics! He placed 1st in the 14 & Under Division. Ty Stigney from the Chicago stop placed 4th in the 15-21 Division. Kickflip bs lipslide on the A-Frame. Caswell's Choice from Stop 1 Mateo Rael throwing down a kickflip front blunt on the A-Frame rail. Tim Casey travelled across the country after taking the top spot in the 15-21 Division in Taunton, MA. Solid tricks like this 360 flip down the 7 stair contributed to yet another victory in the 15-21 Division. Also coming all the way out from Japan, Yuto Horigome unleashed this backside noseblunt on the gap out rail. He placed 2nd in the Open/Am Division. Jamie Foy was killing it all day with heavy tricks in all of the zones. This gap out kickflip frontside crook shut down the contest and ended his day as Global Champion in the Open/Am Division! Congrats Jamie! Results: 14 & Under Division 1st: Daisuke Ikeda - Japan: $1,400 2nd: Gustavo Ribeiro - Portugal: $1,200 3rd: Cole Hosman - USA: $900 4th: Petter Brunvatne - Norway: $500 5th: Bailey Seager - Canada: $250 15 – 21 Division 1st: Tim Casey - USA: $1,400 2nd: Shane Farber - USA: $1,200 3rd: Benny Milam - USA: $900 4th: Ty Stigney - USA: $500 5th: Roar Kolnes Danielsen: Norway: $250 Open/AM Division 1st: Jamie Foy - USA: $2000 2nd: Yuto Horigome - Japan: $1,750 3rd: Oskar Hjellegjerde - Norway: $1,500 4th: Mike Berdis - USA: $750 5th: Tanner VanVark - USA: $500 Follow the tour on instagram @VolcomWITP for more photos and video content Thank you to our prizing sponsors: Enjoi, Andalé, Rev'd, Foundation, Toy Machine, Hard Luck Mfg, Loud Headphones, Element Skateboards
North Amercia - Stop 10 of Volcom’s Wild in the Parks – Southside Skatepark - Houston, TX
The crew cruised in from Baton Rouge, LA for a night sesh before the contest. Judges Ben Graham and Alexis Riviera joined CJ Collins, Collin Provost, Akira Shiroma, Caswell Berry, Ant Travis and Omar Hassan in the ripping. Stay tuned for the full recap video tomorrow! Volcom’s Wild In The Parks entered the Lone Star State to finish off the North American qualifying series at Southside Skatepark in Houston, TX on Saturday October 3, 2015. Southside Skatepark has been apart of the Wild In The Parks since its inception 13 years ago. During this time Southside has built an ever-evolving skatepark to keep the masses challenged and coming back for more. The park boasts a variety of speedy transition that sends you into perfectly crafted ledges, rails, gaps, and stairs. It did not take long for the nationwide influx of competitors to heat things up as practice started and tricks began to rattle off. The battlefield was set and it was time to see who would capture the remaining invites to the 2015 Wild In The Parks Global Championships at The Berrics. Andrew Powers placed 2nd in the 14 & Under Division with hammers like this varial heelflip down the 6 stair. Lazer Crawford came all the way out from Phoenix, AZ and it paid off as he took home 4th in the 14 & Under Division. Crooked grind on the bump to bar in the tech section. Skating fast all day Rory Doran placed 7th in the 14 & Under Division. Backside smith grind down the handrail. 1st place winner in the 15-21 Division Garrett Simich started each of his heats strong with a flawless backside smith grind across the pyramid everytime. Placing 4th in the 15-21 Division, Houston local Carter Wood laying down a stylish backside hurricane. Kolemann Reed cruised out to Houston from Baton Rouge, LA with his homies to enter the contest. Tricks like this backside tailslide down the handrail helped him capture 5th place in the 15-21 Division. The Open/Am finals were going off with contestants flying around everywhere. Christian Dunfrene was another Louisiana local who cruised out to Houston. Here he is dodging the crowds to stomp this 360 flip over the pyramid and taking home 1st in the Open/Am Division! Houston local Tyler Kelly captured 2nd place in the Open/Am Division. He kickflipped into this backside tailslide across the pyramid during finals. Wallies off the box on the pyramid were a popular choice but this ally-oop wallie 180 over the pyramid by Brandon Ly was one of the most impressive tricks of the day! He also took home 5th in the Open/Am Division. Tate Malpass placed 4th in the Open/Am division and was also chosen by Caswell to hop in the van the next day with the skate team. Casual front shove backside nosegrind down the hubba. Results: 14 & Under Division: 1st: Logan Cogswell 2nd: Andrew Powers 3rd: Hunter Harlan 4th: Lazer Crawford 5th: Austin Turgon 6th: John Parrish 7th: Rory Doran 15 – 21 Division: 1st: Garrett Simich 2nd: Nathan Pacheco 3rd: Zachary Carrigan 4th: Carter Wood 5th: Kolemann Reed 6th: Ben Stiskin 7th: Sean Turner Open/AM Division: 1st: Christian Dufrene - $250 2nd: Tyler Kelly - $150 3rd: Mason Coletti - $100 4th: Tate Malpass 5th: Brandon Ly 6th: Miles Watson 7th: Garrett Young Caswell's Choice – presented by The Skateboard Mag:  Caswell Berry will award his favorite competitor from each stop of the 2015 Wild in the Parks tour to jump in the van with the Volcom team and shoot a photo to be featured in The Skateboard Mag with the footage to be featured on The Berrics! Stop #10 winner: Tate Malpass Follow the tour on instagram @VolcomWITP and see more photos from this stop on our facebook page Thank you to our prizing sponsor Enjoi, Andalé, and Rev'd.
North Amercia - Volcom Wild in the Parks - Stop 9 - Caswell's Choice - Zeke Logan
Caswell's Choice – presented by The Skateboard Mag:  Caswell Berry will award his favorite competitor from each stop of the 2015 Wild in the Parks tour to jump in the van with the Volcom team and shoot a photo to be featured in The Skateboard Mag with the footage to be featured on The Berrics! Stop #9 winner: Zeke Logan See the full recap HERE Caswell's Choice and ATL local Zeke Logan throwing down a nollie front crook on the hubba.
Stop #11 of Volcom's WITP Europe 2015 | Barcelona, Spain
Best feeling is to see motivation on the kids when the comp starts. Let The Kids Ride Free Daniela Terol killed it! Lorenzo Palumber won the 14 and under division with tricks like this treflip in zone 2 ENGLISH VERSION: Last weekend last stop of Volcom's Wild In The Parks european tour was held in Barcelona. Known as The Skateboarding capital, it was not strange that riders from all over world showed up at Mollet del Vallés Skatepark: skaters from Brazil, Panama, France, UK, Russia, Norway, US, Portugal and Germany showed up. 120 contestants between all the categories skated under a clear sky. The Best kid from the 10 and under division was Iker Puerta who skated solid and fast. Some girls killed it aswell like the young Daniela Terol and Paula Fiores who jumped over the stairs with a stylish Boneless. The 14 and under division saw some serious action; Lorenzo Palumber took the first place with a perfect treflip on zone 2. The podium of the 15-21 division was entirely made of foreigners except Peque who got a deserved 5th place. WITP regulars Norwegians Oyvind Svensen and Gabriel Bjorsvik took respectively 1st and 2nd position. With Anthony Renaud, they are the 3 qualified for the Champs at the Berrics in that division. The great show came with the Open category. Cristian Delgado was killing it but he injured his knee. Get well soon man. Guys like Christian Vanella, Dani Delgado, David Casado, Adrian García or Adri Ryzhov entered the final with their bags of tricks. Pedro Sanchez did several times a nollie hard flip big spin in zone 3, Christian Casimiro did some solid bs 360 ollies, Pol Catena skated fast as hell and Diego Cano destroyed the rail. But in the end Cristian Estrada from Madrid got the first place, 600€ and the flight ticket to LA right after landing a huge bs flip to flat in zone 2 for his last try which was the apotheosis of the constest. Thanks to JART Skateboards for the goodies, Mollet del Valles city council, and everyone who shoed up to share a great skateboarding day. SPANISH VERSION: Este fin de semana se celebró el campeonato Volcom Wild In The Parks – en el skatepark de Mollet del Vallés. Hasta allí se acercaron patinadores de Brasil, Panamá, Francia, UK, Rusia, Noruega, Estados Unidos, Portugal y Alemania entre otros, por lo que el espectáculo no tuvo desperdicio. Un total de 120 participantes repartidos entre las tres categorías patinaron a la luz de un sol radiante. Tuvimos unos cuantos patinadores en la categoría de 10 años y menos lo que demuestra que tenemos el futuro de skateboarding asegurado. El mejor fue Iker Puerta que patinó decidido y rápido. También hubo unas cuantas chicas, algunas muy jovencitas como Daniela Terol. Paula Fiores marcó la diferencia haciendo cosas como saltarse las gradas de Boneless. Los de 14 y menos vienen pegando fuerte y así lo demostró Lorenzo Palumber que ganó con trucos como tresflip en la zona 2. El podium de la categoría 15-21 quedó copado íntegramente por gente de fuera a excepción de Peque que consiguió un merecido 5º puesto. La victoria aquí fue para el noruego Oyuird Svensen. No ocurrió lo mismo en la categoría Open, en la que el podium se quedó entre caras conocidas del patín nacional. Cristian Delgado estaba patinando increíble y se lesionó. Ánimo Cristian. Gente como Vanella, Dani Delgado, David Casado, Adrian García o Adri Ryzhov demostraron que por algo pasaron a la final disparando trucos en todas las direcciones. En el podium se subieron los que reventaron las tres zonas. Pedro Sánchez se tiraba al plano en la zona 3 de nollie hard flip big spin (como lo oyes), Christian Casimiro bs 360 ollies muy tochos, Pol Catena bs flip al plano a mil por hora, Diego Cano destrozó la barra… pero al final el madrileño Cristian Estrada tras planchar un enorme bs flip hasta el suelo en la zona 2 con su último tiro, se hizo con la victoria llevándose 600 € y un viaje para patinar en la final mundial en Los Ángeles. Gracias al Ayto de Mollet del Vallés, Jart Skateboards y a todos los asistentes por compartir un día mágico de Skateboarding. Resultados: Los tres primero de cada categoría se clasifican para la final mundial Wild In The Parks Championships en Los Ángeles el 17 de Octubre de 2015 POL CATENA-TRANSFER SS FS K PUBLIC OVERCROOKS - CHRISTIAN CASIMIRO - 5 - OPEN JOHN BEJARANO - OPEN-K-GRING GABRIEL BJORSVIK - BS360-ZONE 2 GABRIEL BJORSVIK - KGRIND 2ND - 15-21 FLIP BS LIP - OPEN DIEGO AND CRISTIAN HUG JUST KNOWN WHO´S GOT THE FLIGHT CRISTIAN ESTRADA-BS FLIP TO 1ST PLACE CRISTIAN DELGADO - TAILSLIDE-BIGSPIN BSFLIP - POL CATENA - 3-OPEN 5050 - UP-ADRI RYZHOV 5050 - OSCAR SPEAR -3RD-14 GIVEAWAY TOSS  RESULTS: Top 3 each category qualify for Wild In The Parks Championships in Los Ángeles el 17 de Octubre de 2015 BEST KID 10 -: Iker Puerta BEST GIRL: Paula Fiores 14- 1-Lorenzo Palumber 2-Adrian Delgado 3-Oscar Spear 4-Duncan Pozza 5-Fausto Diaz 14-PODIUM 15 -21: 1-Oyvind Svensen 2-Gabriel Bjorsvik 3-Anthony Renaud 4-Acram Majidi 5-Peque 15-21 PODIUM 15-21-QUALIFIERS FOR CHAMPIONSHIPS Open: 1-Cristian Estrada – 600 € - Viaje a USA 2-Diego Cano – 250 € 3-Pol Catena – 150 € 4-Pedro Sánchez 5-Christian Casimiro happy Open winners
Stop #10 of Volcom's WITP Europe 2015 | Trondheim, Norway
Volcom’s Wild in The Parks has become more or less a tradition in Trondheim, in the North of Norway, where all past Norwegian editions of the skate contest went down. People from Oslo, Stavanger, Kristiansand, Malmö and Larvik showed up in the morning and everybody was super hyped. Slayer was playing on the sound system and the vibe at the park was really good, as a lot of spectators were there ready to see what the contestants had to offer. We had 3 amazing zones ready for the 80 contestants. We kicked off at noon with the 14& under division. The level of skateboarding in this division was truly insane! It is so much fun to see the kids rip the park to pieces. Petter Brunvatne and Jonas Carlsson destroyed every obstacle in their way. After the 14 & Under division we started the 15-21 division. This was the biggest divison this year, which is fun since the 14 & under division has always been the category with most contestants.  Local hero Johannes Sundby was on fire and took the first place. The best was saved for last, and when the Open divison started, the crowd was on fire as well as the contestants. Mr Steffen Austerheim from Stavanger did some amazing tricks and claimed victory. Check out the clip and the photos of the event to give you a better idea of what went down. After the finals we did a little best trick on the a-frame, Gard Hvaara did a switch Bs Flip, the hard way over the rail. The prize ceremony was followed by the product toss, and everybody went nuts. Everyone had a great day, enjoying great skateboarding, free drink, free burgers and hotdogs. Big thanks to everyone who came down to participate and watch. Huge thanks to Kristian @ Trondheim Kommune, The judges, Photographers, the filmer, helpers,  Electric, GoPro, Spitfire, Anti-Hero, Session, Vans and Coca Cola. See you all next year. RESULTS: 14 & Under: 1. Jonas Carlsson 2. Petter Brunvatnet 3. Hermann Möller 4. Ask Filling 5. Elias Heitmann 15-21: 1. Johannes Sundby 2. Roar Kollnes 3. Kristoffer Dahl 4.Daniel Pedersen 5.Carl Fredrik Førli Open: 1. Steffen Austerheim 2. Oskar Hjellegjerde 3. Jens Olav Moraes Stene 4. Fredrik Nærland 5. Even Vatn        
North Amercia - Volcom Wild in the Parks - Stop 8 - Caswell's Choice - Hugo Flores
Caswell's Choice – presented by The Skateboard Mag: Caswell Berry will award his favorite competitor from each stop of the 2015 Wild in the Parks tour to jump in the van with the Volcom team and shoot a photo to be featured in The Skateboard Mag with the footage to be featured on The Berrics! Stop #7 winner: Hugo Flores