RESULTS | Stop #3 of Volcom PBRJ European Tour 2014 | Oslo, Norway

The fog was thick as soup during the Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail Jam in Oslo Vinterpark.

Anders at Oslo Vinterpark did a great job with the setup, which looked amazing and fun to ride, and the riders got quickly excited.

1 switching it up on the kink rail

Switching it up on the kink rail

There was a kinkrail, a regular down rail and a polejam gap to box feature.

2 the fog never scares vikings

The fog never scares vikings

The15 and under division did a great job on the gnarly rails, mr Sigurd Mygland walked away with the first place and tons of prizes.

The girls really killed it this year! PBRJ pioneer Dina Treland killed it on all the rails and got first place. The lovely CC Cab really impressed the judges and got 2nd place. Kirsti Øftsthus took so many gnarly slams (watch the video) that we had to bow our heads in the dust. She got the "BADASS of the day" Award.

3 bbq time to warm everyone up

BBQ time to warm everyone up

In the 16-21 division, we had a lot of gnarly rippers. A lot of crazy tricks went down, we saw a backflip out of the pole jam to 5050 on the box.  Christian Bjønness was the man of the hour with heavy trick on all the features, he got to the top spot on the podium.

4 bs rodeo rail entry

Backflip rail entry

The Open category was packed with rippers, there were guys  who had driven all the way from Stockholm to join the PBRJ circus. Local Eirik Nesse won everybody’s hearts with his super stylish and creative riding. Hugo Wennmyr from Stockholm won the Open category and a great deal of cash. The days overall ripper ended up to be Mr. Eirik Nesse. He will be at the PBRJ World Finals in Mammoth courtesy of Volcom.

The crowd was fired up all day and the vibe was amazing. Everybody enjoyed free sodas, hotdogs and amazing snowboarding.

5 the gap to rail has been methodically destroyed

The pole jam gap to rail has been methodically destroyed

Huge thanks to the guys at Oslo Vinterpark, Electric, Celtek, GoPro, Nitro, Union, Xsories, Coca Cola, Otto Prestmo, Øyvind Heggelund, Kari, Simen, Jonas and Tore Nilsen.

See ya next year!

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Volcom PBRJ Oslo, Norway | Final Ranking

1. Sigurd Mygland
2. Max Schur
3. Andreas Henstein
4. Nicolay Tolund


15 and under division winners

1. Christian Bjønness
2. Einar Fuglem
3. Kristoffer Lerånd
4. Mats Tambini
5. Konstatin Helmers


16-21 division winners

1. Dina Treland
2. CC Cab
3. Siri Stavheim


Girls division winners

1. Hugo Wennemyr
2. Eirik Nesse
3. Sigurd Lindquist
4. Ådne Bø
5. Jessi Blackwell


Open division winners

Aktuelle Nachrichten + Videos

Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening - GLOBAL PREMIERE - Los Angeles
On May 20th we went up to the Ace Theatre in Los Angeles for the GLOBAL PREMIERE of the latest addition to the Veeco Productions library, Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening. The highly anticipated Volcom skateboarding movie was shot completely in 4k, took over 2 years to film and was directed by Russell Houghten. Even with a 1,600 person capacity the Theatre at the Ace Hotel was completely packed! Check out some photos below and visit the Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening page to find a premiere near you! Pre-Order HOLY STOKES! A Real Life Happening on iTunes, available digitally everywhere June 7th. Marquee looking good! Pre premiere roof party with the team and crew on top of the Ace Hotel Meanwhile down in Segovia Hall we invited key retailers to come and hang out a couple hours before the premiere Back down on the street Gary Rogers arrived on the scene The first kids in line arrived at 4:30, three and a half hours before the doors opened! Gary Rogers took a stroll down the street to get there thoughts and predictions on the film. Down in the green room riders started to come in Pretty soon the room was packed with a heavy crew! Back in the Theater lobby VIP's and general admission attendees mingle at the lobby bar Gary Rogers made his way down to the green room Gary and Grant, Thrasher premiere video coming soon! In the theater everyone started to take their seats Gary Rogers on stage to introduce the team SO much STOKE! Theater was packed to capacity, thanks to the 1,600 people who came out! Credits rolled, but whats that behind the screen?! David Gonzalez's band Ratt Black!!! Ratt Black played an awesome set to close out the night! Dustin Dollin's mind melting post premiere. Thanks to everyone who came out! Photos: Daniel cabral Thrasher Magazine and The Skateboard Mag were also in attendence, click the links or photos below to see their recap of the premieres Thrasher Mag Recap The Skateboard Mag Recap The Ride Channel also came out! Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening will be available on iTunes June 7th!
Volcom Snow's The Launch - Watch Now!
Last month our Volcom Snow ams, better known as the Stone Army crew, loaded up the RV and charged up to Bear Mountain for Snowboarder Magazine’s ninth annual The Launch 2016 presented by Volcom. The Launch is an assembly of age 21 and under riders handpicked by the Snowboarder Magazine crew for a 4 day media shred frenzy, and this year it was brought back to the San Bernadino mountains and constructed by the Bear Mountain crew full of endless rails, transition and kicker possibilities. Despite some windy, blizzard, and sometimes great conditions the boys were on fire with non-stop bell-to-bell action! When it was all said and done, Brock Crouch was awarded Standout and 10 yr old Aussie Valentino Guseli took home the Super Grom award for charging almost every feature in the park! Benny Milam was amongst the very few to step to this massive gap to boardslide (photo: Tom Monterosso) Gabe Ferguson kicking out a grasser with a perfect tranny finder (photo: Tom Monterosso) 10 yr old super grom Valentino Guseli FS air over the gap (photo: Tom Monterosso)
Triple Volcom podium at the 2016 Riksgränsen Banked Slalom
Our boys did decent up in Sweden.. First out was Volcom lifer and local legend Björn Lindgren in qualifiers, taking top honours with Terje close behind in 3rd place.  Then, on finals day, Arthur Longo was the fastest of all, claiming the top spot in the Senior Division, while Terje won the masters division, with Bjorn Lindgren hot on his heels in 2nd place and 3rd fastest overall. Congrats boys!   Winners: Women Masters - Cecilia Larsen 1,19,308 - Sweden Women - Irene Zimmermann 1,16,636 - Switzerland Real Masters - David Ny 1,17,989 - Sweden Masters - Terje Haakonsen 1,06,781 - Norway Seniors - Arthur Longo 1,05,905 - France   Pics: Transitionmagazine   To see more pics and videos look up transitionmag on Facebook. Or check in here for updates:     And for a POV clip through the course, courtesy of our good friend Pontus Stahlkloo, check this:
One run with Marcus Kleveland at the Launch!
Our camera wizard Seth Huot followed Volcom snowboarder Marcus Kleveland for a top-to bottom run during the Launch at Big Bear earlier this spring. Marcus sends it, delivers and truly makes snowboarding look like a video game. Enjoy
Austrian Rider Roli Tschoder stretches his back leg over the Kaunertal access road
  Here’s a short edit showing how amazing the conditions are up at Kaunertal Glacier right now, only 40 minutes from the Volcom Snow Team house. There’s hardly anyone around, aside from the like-minded, the park is in mint condition, you can ride from 3200 to 2000m and there’s even pow on offer. Way better conditions now  than in December/January.  Roli from Ischgl certainly has his priorities straight.. But unless you can ride like Roli, the we recommend you spare the stretching until you’re safely back on the ground again.  Now run to the hills… Pic and edit by Flo Achenrainer
Retrospection video by Olivier Gittler and Arthur Longo
If you plan on only seeing ONE snowboard video this year, then here you have it. Volcom lifer Olivier Gittler and his trusty collaborator Arthur Longo just put together a full length edit of all their Instagram short clips from the winter past.. In it you’ll see their unique take on snowboarding. And as you’ll watch you’ll slowly realise that “higher and further”’ isn’t always the goal. That it is just as much about the right turn at the right place at the right time. Or a backflip? And another backflip.. Backflips are never wrong. At times it might even look like the boys are bored with their day job (?!?) as they seem to be surfing more than snowboarding. But why not? Therein lies the beauty of this edit.. Get out off the park and look at what’s hidden behind it.  Or even IN it, as you follow our friends and their friends, finding park lines yet to be thought of.. Or making their own park outside of the park.. This is truly beautiful Olivier .. Please do even more of what you’re already doing.  Filmed on location in Les Des Alpes, Kitzsteinhorn, Chamonix, US Open, Arlberg and more Music: Leopard Ale IG: @leopard_ale
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