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Alex Midler

Alex Midler

Von: Calabasas Age: 19

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Birth Date: 7/14/1998

Place of Birth: Norwalk, CT

Currently Living: Calabasas, CA

Height: 4'11"

Weight: 80 lbs

Stance: Goofy

Sponsors: Real, Spitfire, Nike SB, Volcom, ValSurf, Skatelab, Bones Swiss Bearings, Red Bull

Volcom Rider Since: 2008


Introducing The Volcom X Spitfire Collection "Fire And Stone Don’t Burn Alone"
Volcom unveils its latest collaboration inspired by the thrashin’ fashion of gouging grinds and heat-seeking aerial bombardments. Together, Volcom and Spitfire bring a collective 50 years of experience in making quality products specifically designed for those who keep the eternal skate-fire stoked. Hard like Stone and hot like Fire, this collection does not burn alone. Take note of its clean and functional style created for long days and nights of deep exploratory recon in the streets kids call home. See the entire collection and photos shot during the making of the video at Backed by mutual riders Grant Taylor, Ryan Sheckler, Dennis Busenitz, Dustin Dollin, Chris Pfanner, Collin Provost, Dane Burman, Alec Majerus, Kyle Walker, Nassim Guammaz and Alex Midler, the Volcom X Spitfire collection is coming in hot!
Camp Mofoka's: Toy Machine X Volcom
In celebration of the life changing collaboration between Toy Machine and Volcom, Collin Provost and his Toy Machine teammates came to Volcom's private skatepark and proceeded to have a mind-blowing sesh! Watch the shreddage commence in the latest edition of CAMP MOFOKA's with Collin Provost, Johnny Layton, Billy Marks, Alex Midler, Matt Bennett, Blake Carpenter, Josh Harmony, Ed Templeton, CJ Collins, Tre Williams and Daniel Lutheran. To see more from the #ToyMachineXVolcom collab go to: Filmed by: Russell Houghton, Ant Travis, James Messina and Kevin Barnett Edited by: Russell Houghton -Music- Artist: Splashh Song: "So Young"
Camp Mofoka's Vol. 2
Camp Mofoka's Vol. 2 featuring Colin Provost, Grant Taylor, Jackson Pilz, Alex Midler, Nassim Guammaz, Kyle Walker and Louie Lopez. Watch the crew destroy the Volcom private skatepark! If you missed Vol. 1 watch it HERE Shot by: Su Young Choi & Ant Travis Edited by: Su Young Choi Music: Artist: Cosmonauts Song: Emerald Green Album: If you wanna die than I wanna die Burger Records
Alex Midler's Roll-A-Thon
Last Sunday on October 20th, Alex Midler held his third Annual 'Roll-A-Thon' to benefit the 'Johnny Kicks Cancer Foundation'. The mission of 'Johnny Kicks Cancer' is to cure childhood leukemia through awareness and funding for cutting-edge research, as well as to empower and encourage patients, families and doctors in their fight against the number one childhood cancer.  We had raffles for $1,000 shopping sprees at Volcom and Deluxe, as well as a paid trip to Camp Woodward. There was also food from Wahoo's,  ice cream from Ian's Ice Cream and a silent auction for a bunch of awesome gift packs from various companies who were generous enough to donate product for the event! Check out the photos below to see what went down! We started to meet up at the Volcom headquarters around noon, kids were allowed to skate our private skatepark as long as they signed a waiver. Huge thanks to the ladies at the front table who were selling raffle, food, and ice cream tickets all day! Couple of goodie bags for some of the early birds. The Deluxe crew was in town keeping the the kids entertained before we rolled. The 'Spin Around 5 Times and Kickflip Challenge' was pretty fun to watch. Peep our good friend Gary Rogers' attempt courtesy of Jim Thiebaud's instagram! Couple of words from the Romano family before we roll out. Alex and Sherri Midler addressing the crowd Let's Roll!! We started our roll from the headquarters here in Costa Mesa and rolled down to the Huntington Beach Pier, about 11.6 miles round trip! The route included a nice hill bomb before we had brief trek through the woods to get to the bike path along the Santa Ana River that would bring us down to the Huntington Beach boardwalk. Some decided to run through the dirt path... maybe they were just trying to catch up with Busenitz Steezus from the Berrics was cruising! Busenitz catching a ride while he catches his breath. We reached the halfway mark at the Huntington Beach Pier where the Red Bull truck was waiting, loaded with drinks and snacks for everybody. Couple group shots of everyone who rolled with us down at the pier. Photo: Jamie Owens, Transworld Skateboarding After a quick rest we started on our way back to the Volcom headquarters to announce the winners of the raffles, silent auctions and skating in the skatepark. Ice Cream Ian was there, ready to go, and making sure we had plenty of ice cream to cool us down. Nothing better than some of Wahoos chicken burritos and FRED water after an 11 mile roll! There were a bunch of great items at the silent auction and towards the end bidding wars began to start. It was all in good fun though and everyone was pretty happy at the end of it all! Jim Thieboud and Sherri Midler sorting out the winners of the silent auction and taking payment. Huge thanks to The Midler and Romano Family, the Deluxe crew for coming down, everyone at Volcom who made this possible, all the volunteers who helped throughout the day and everyone who came out to the event! We surpassed our goal of raising $10,000 and ended up raising $18,000 for the Johnny Kicks Cancer Foundation! Special thanks to all these companies who donated product: Real/Thunder/Spitfire, Volcom, Nike SB, Skatelab, Camp Woodward, Grizzly, Diamond, Huf, GoPro, Oakley, Val Surf, Bones Swiss Bearings, Glassy Sunhaters, Stance Socks, Incase, Ethika, Olloclip, Beats By Dre, Red Bull, Fred Water, Wahoos, Ian The Ice Cream Man Even if you were unable to attend the event, you can still donate to the Johnny Kicks Cancer Foundation by CLICKING HERE. Every little bit helps! Photos: Chris Martinez  Video: Su Young Choi
Volcom Stone's Wild In The Parks Championships 2013
Volcom’s 2013 Wild in the Parks tour came to a climactic end at the company’s headquarters Saturday, October 19, 2013! The 2013 series has scoured the globe to find the best young prospects that skateboarding has to offer.  After six months and 11 tour stops, more then 140 highly talented competitors made their way to Costa Mesa, California in pursuit of Volcom’s $15,000 cash purse and the title of 2013 ‘WITP’ champion. With the stage set, the action was underway! A packed crowd of professional skateboarders, industry heavyweights, and skateboarding enthusiasts set the scene, as the 14 & Under Division got down to business. Alex Midler was a force to be reckoned with as he destroyed everything in his path with technical perfection.  Alex landed both bs and fs 270 lips on the handrail in zone 1, kickflip bs lip from the euro gap to rail in zone 3, nollie fs feeble on the rainbow rail in zone 2, and many more throughout.  If that wasn’t enough to claim 1st, Alex secured the win by landing a buzzer-beating bs 270 kickflip lipslide on the handrail as the crowd erupted in disbelief.  Tanner Oliver was right behind Alex impressing the judges with a clean bs smith bs 180 out on the zone 2 rainbow rail, bs kickflip over the euro gap to flat in zone 3, and finished things out with a redeeming bs tail shuv out on the zone 1 hubba to lock down 2nd place.   Gilbert Estrada rounded out the top 3 by ripping a sw 360 flip down the stair set in zone 1, a bs bigger flip up the zone 3 euro, and put down a crowd-wowing hardflip late fs 180 on the zone 2 pyramid. These young guns all displayed why skateboarding has a bright future. Henry Gartland Getting Down With This Bs 180 Nosegrind Gilbert Estrada Went Swtich With His 360 Kickflip Selection Alex Midler's Perfect Kickflip Bs Lip From The Euro Gap To Rail Alex Midler Getting High Fives From Everyone The 15 & Over Division was next to attack the zones like a wolf stalking a lone sheep that had lost its herd.  Mason Coletti made his presence known immediately by landing 5 heavy tricks that traversed all 3 zones in less than a minute.  This was extra impressive since Mason had recently recovered from a broken kneecap that left him sidelined for over 6 weeks. Mason pulled many noteworthy tricks including an impossible lipslide on the zone 2 rainbow rail, alley oop fs 180 sw bs crook on the hubba in zone 1, and a gnarly kickflip fs 50-50 from bank to rail in zone 3 for the win.  Tanner Van Vark didn’t waste any time getting the juices flowing before putting on a show.  He stomped out a hardflip across the pyramid in zone 2, a fakie ollie sw bs crooked to regs on the hubba in zone 1, and finished his performance with a perfect lipslide transfer into the jersey barrier in zone 3. His performance was very impressive as he secured the 2nd place position.  Nathan Hammond also mixed it up as he blasted a powerful bs kickflip over the down rail in zone 1, a fakie full cab down the stairs, and hammered out a huge ollie late fs shuv down the euro gap to flat. Nathan proved that you “don’t mess with Texas” and placed 3rd as time expired. Tanner Van Vark Taking A Hardflip Across The Zone 2 Pyramid Jake Rogers Blowing Minds With A Nollie Lazer Flip Boardslide Mason Coletti Can Hardflip Bs Lip Everyone Was Stoked To Play The Custom Volcom Games And Make Their One-Of-A-Kind Volcom Hats Free Food And Drinks Were Served To The Masses By Richard Woolcott And David González The Open Division was now ready to finish things off as a full moon cast its rays onto the skatepark from above. Dashawn Jordan dropped the gloves immediately by landing a bs bigger flip over the euro gap to flat in zone 3, a hard flip fs board on the zone 1 handrail, a next try bs bigger flip fs board on the handrail, a huge fakie fs kickflip over the hip in zone 2, and many more to take the title of 2013 WITP Open Division Champion! Tyson Bowerbank was trading punches with Dashawn the entire way.  Tyson rattled off many technical tricks including a kickflip fs nosegrind pop out off the creeper ledge in zone 3, a fs 360 kickflip over the hip in zone 2, and a perfect over the bolts bs 360 bigflip down the stairset in zone 1 for a well deserved 2nd place finish.  Chris Gregson was next to show his presence by stepping into the ring. Chris is always a crowd favorite by skating fast and destroying everything in his path.  He laid down a stylish bs noseblunt to fakie on the jersey barrier in zone 3, blasted a 15 stair-sized fs flip down the 7 stair in zone 1, and capped it all off with  a massive fs 360 across the pyramid in zone 2. Chris performed very well and took home the bronze podium position.  These guys truly raised the level of skateboarding and set the bar even higher than expected. Miles Canevello Was Having A Blast All Day Long Tyler Thomas Gapping To Tail In Zone 2 A Perfect Switch Fs Feeble Caught Through The Eye Of The Stone Julian Christianson Had The Crowd Go Wild After This Sw Inward Heel Tail 270 Out Chris Gregson Getting Nose Blunted On The Banked Quarter Pipe Tyson Bowerbank Dialed In This Fs 360 Kickflip On The Pyramid Dashawn Jordan Handling A Nose Grind In Zone 1 Thank you to Alexis Rivera, Alex Wright, Harris Hutchison, Kyle McCabe, Brian Mack, and Jake Smith for their superb scoring skills. Thanks to Ben Karpinski and Chris Martinez for shooting photos. Thank you to Remy Stratton, Kurt Thayer, Tyler Vandora, Huck Rosa (video), Daniel Cabral, Jeff Arnold, Melissa Lyman, Sam King, Logan Strook, and all the Volcom family for the logistical support throughout the day. We would also like to thank everyone that has been apart of the entire 2013 Wild In The Parks tour. Lastly, thank you to our gracious tour sponsors (below) for supporting youth skateboarding and the entire tour. HI-CHEW GATORADE TRANSWORLD SKATEBOARDING KICKER CAM CADDIE Custom Trophies, Prizes, Judges, and Hi-Chew Winners Shane Short And Miles Canevello Results: 14 & Under Division Champions: 1st: Alex Midler (California) -$1,400 2nd: Tanner Oliver (Utah) - $1,200 3rd: Gilbert Estrada (Arizona) - $900 4th: Henry Gartland (Minnesota) - $500 5th: Jackson Parrish (Minnesota) - $250 14 & Under Division Champions 15 & Over Division Champions: 1st: Mason Coletti (California) - $1,400 2nd: Tanner Van Vark (Minnesota) - $1,200 3rd: Nathan Lee Hammond (Texas) - $900 4th: Aidan Chamberlain (Utah) - $500 5th: Jace Torkelson (Minnesota) - $250 15 & Over Division Champions Open Division Champions: 1st: Dashawn Jordan (Arizona) - $2000 2nd: Tyson Bowerbank (Utah) - $1,750 3rd: Chris Gregson (California) – $1,500 4th: Julian Christianson (Colorado) - $750 5th: Gard Hvaara (Norway) - $500 Open Division Champions Everyone Loves A Good Product Toss CAVE Performed Live As The Product Toss Was Going Off
Wild in the Parks and Roll-A-Thon happening at the Volcom HQ!
2013 has seen Volcom’s Wild in the Parks series traverse North America to track down the brightest skateboarding talents the continent has to offer! After six months of overturning stones, more than 200 skaters from every walk of life have qualified to compete in the $15,000 Championships at Volcom Headquarters Saturday, October 19th! Enjoy this taste of WITP Championship qualifying action: If you can't make it to the event, you can watch the LIVE WEBCAST HERE! The very next day Sunday October 20th, from Noon to 6, Alex Midler and Volcom will be hosting the third annual "Roll-A-Thon" to benefit the Johnny Romano Foundation ! We'll be starting at the Volcom HQ in Costa Mesa and rolling down to the Huntington Beach Pier for some snacks, drinks and a rest. We will then be rolling back to the Volcom HQ for food and drinks, music, raffles, drawings and prizes, a product toss and skateboarding at the private indoor Volcom skate park with pros from Volcom, REAL and more! CLICK HERE for full details on the schedule and how you can win prizes from Volcom, Deluxe Distribution, Woodward and more. DONATE HERE to enter for your chance to win!! CHECK OUT SOME OF THE ACTION FROM LAST YEARS EVENT!