Christy Prior

Christy Prior

Von: Kaukapakapa, New Zealand Age: 28

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DOB: 11/28/1988
Birthplace: Kaukapakapa, New Zealand
Currently living: Breckenridge, CO
Sponsors: Volcom, Electric, Rockstar, Keystone Resort, Mons Royale, UndergroundSkate


Volcom Women's Team Up @ Kitz
Last March our global women’s snow army teamed up, cleared up a short window in their season and decided to defy the natural elements and do a team shoot in only a few days. They’d clearly done something right in the past as stars aligned letting the full script play out with blue bird park days, snowflakes the size of tennis balls and waist deep pow after the season’s biggest dump, to wrap things up. Cheryl making the Austrian landscape look even more amazing. Sarka Pancochova, Cheryl Maas, Elena Hight, Christy Prior and some family riders hanging close by; neighboring Switzerland’s own Joel Juchli “JJ” and the French Anouck Grau all rallying to do some true riding. A team that’s known for keeping busy with contests, Dew Tour, X-Games, Opens, FIS qualifiers… Olympics.. suffering from the typical “so many places to go and so little time” syndrome, sometimes deserves a bit of slack. A proper team trip at our favorite resort Kitzsteinhorn, in the Austrian Alps. The perfect spot when wanting to tackle everything. This was long overdue. A great chance for new and old riders to kick back and relax after all the contest madness and to think about what snowboarding really means to them. Little did we know, they took the assignment to heart and put on a shocking bar tab, some sick riding, chicken dancing and smiles so unforgettable they convinced us to step up the game for our next team trip. The Euro part of the team showing off their modeling skills. Christy's bs 180 japan air. A lot was scheduled for these intense few days together, including a round table with our outerwear designer Carolyn, but the team hustled, fuelled by each other’s energies, and this edit is the proof. Think we got ourselves the itch for another pow trip… Christy mastering her board with a style unlike others. JJ and Kari traversing over to the park. Sarka's all smiles watching her teammates ride. JJ has the talent to slow down time when she locks in on a rail. Another lift back to the top of the pipe by Kitzsteinhorn's friendly park crew. Elena (left) and Sarka (right) playing with the sun. And then there was snow. Elena's on her way to shoot our Pika TDS Down Jacket Techstimonial. So much snow in fact that we spent most of the day riding waist deep in it. Kari occasionally got barried. Old tracks, new tracks.. it's all good fun when you for a brief moment get lost in a cloud of pow. The end of our last day, looking back at all the sick lines. Until next time. Big thanks to Active Hotel in Kaprun and all of Kitzsteinhorn with it’s more than “fine" snow park crew for treating us like royalty! Photo credit: Vanessa Andrieux
Christy Prior Talks to Onboard Magazine
We recently took our Global Women's team to Kitzsteinhorn in Austria for some long over due, end of season catching up. It turned out to be a trip where stars aligned in our favor and we managed to film and shoot some insane footage in just a couple days. The super rad Yalda Walter from Onboard joined us and sat down and talked to Christy about her joining our Volcom Family! This is how Yalda wraps up our fresh team addition in a couple sentences but do go and read the full interview on their webpage. "It may be popular right now to start snowboarding when you’ve still not figured out how to use a toilet, but not all hope is lost. If you’re Christy Prior, you could also well await the end of the most horrible phase of your life – puberty – then pick up snowboarding and go straight on to becoming a sponsored pro. The 25-year old Kiwi ripper did some serious hustling before ending up in the mighty snowboarding circus but now Christy’s just bossed her second season in the big comps. With her stacked bag of tricks, some proper air time and technical rail riding, she for sure sticks out of the masses and is one to remember" - Yalda Walter Photo credit ©Vanessa Andrieux  
Womens snow is on fire!
This weekend, our women's snowboard riders were melting the snow! Killin'  it at the Annual JLA Banked Slalom in Mammoth, as well as the 2014 Community Cup at the Keystone Resort in Colorado. Eleven years ago snowboarding lost Jeff Anderson, one of its most passionate and influential riders. To honor Jeff’s memory his brother Billy created the JLA Banked Slalom at Mammoth Mountain. This year, our girl Elena Hight won the second Annual JLA Banked Slalom! Jeff Anderson memorabilia was given to the riders as the prizes. Elena stoked about first place, but even more on her favorite Jeffy photos of all time! Next up was the Community Cup. An event dedicated to women’s snowboarding in an atmosphere ideal for women, and women only! This year our girl Christy Prior nailed it, taking home first place in Slopestyle, as well as first in the Rockin’ Rail Presented by Kicker Audio where Cheryl Maas joined her on the podium in third spot. Cheryl didn't stop there but also threw down in the Big Air section where she took 2nd place with a backside 9 melon grab. Besides these fantastic scores, Sarka Pancochova was right behind them with second place in Slopestyle! So proud of our entire team! CONGRATULATIONS to all of you! Christy dominating the competition, winning Best Method & Best Rail Trick! So proud to bring home a win! Christy Prior (middle) and Sarka Pancochova (right) Team methods by Christy Prior, Cheryl Maas and Sarka Pancochova.
Christy Prior doing the boarding in Colorado
After kicking off the year with the news of signing the insanely talented kiwi Christy Prior to our team, head to toe – she's now, not much later after already squeezing in a couple podium spots, out with this edit to show how well she really wears the stone. Throwing doubles is no problem for her, as we already saw in Stoneham, nor are a number of other technical tricks she's got in her pocket, on both jumps and rails. With her smooth and effortless style, we're excited to see what the future holds.. Again, welcome to the team Christy!
The Volcom women rule Stoneham
It's always good to see the Stone on the podium but twice, that really knocks the socks off our feet! This past weekend our ladies ruled the Snowboard Jamboree at Stoneham with Christy Prior taking 1st place and Cheryl Maas 2nd. Cheryl's spot also put her on top of the FIS World Tour Ranking. Watch the video here. CONGRATULATIONS!