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Cody Warble

Cody Warble

Von: Colorado Age: 16

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Birth Date: 09/26/99

Birth Place: Colorado, USA

Current Residence: Edwards, CO

Stance: 18 ¾ + 18-6

Favorite Volcom piece: Cobra Jacket in the finger paint.

Other Sponsors: GNU, Oakley, Nike 6.0, Red Bull

What was your first snowboard: Burton 90

What was your first snowboard movie that got you hooked: Bronanza!

Scariest moment of the season: Nationals Boardercross.

Best trip: New Zealand & Christmas in Mexico!

One item you always have in your snowboard pants: Candy.

Besides snowboarding: Skateboarding, Soccer, Playing guitar, Surfing, Drawing.

Future plans: Being awesome in Japan?

Currently: Colorado...School...Skate....

Under my feet: Skateboard.....Soccer Ball

In my ears: Mom..Teachers

It's important for me to: Stretch, Homework, Skate

On the calendar: Banked Slalom, European Open: US Open, US NationalsRocky Mtn. USASA Series, The Center of Excellence/ Park City, The Meeting/Aspen (going to see Deeper!), Birthday Skate Fiesta (11!)...


Don’t miss the best clip so far of our german/costa rican surfer, Leon Glatzer. How big is this full rotation at 0:46 ???   It’s safe to say that his air game is one of the best here in Europe!! He also recently scored the perfect score (19,87) at a Pro Junior in Portugal. Keep going on Leon !!
Hossegor summer rumble
Video thumbnail: Charly Quivront The Euro Volcom House is probably the best spot where to stay in Hossegor when you are a surfer!! Located in front of one of the best surf bank in France, you just have to cross the road, climb the dune and jump in the water! Kids from the Volcom team are the lucky ones who can enjoy the House with the only obligation to surf and have fun! William Aliotti, the Caribbean surfer but almost permanent resident at the House, Leon Glatzer, the German kid from Costa Rica, Charly Quivront from France and the local from Justin Becret show impressive surfing skills under the eye of Andrew Christie. We can’t wait next summer!!! Filmed and Edited by Andrew Christie William Aliotti Leon Glatzer Justin Becret
Leon Glatzer two-time German Champ 2014
Volcom Family Rider Leon Glatzer took home two wins in the 2014 German Championships held in France in small clean conditions last week. With a win in the Junior division and Open division a big congratulations from your friend's at Volcom.
Vast Waters | Leon Glatzer
Volcom Family Rider Leon Glatzer (Germany/Costa Rica) shows you his local left hang out by the name of Pavones in this clip named The Vast Waters. Looks fun and makes us want to go and surf already...