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Conor Maguire

Conor Maguire

Von: Bundoran, Ireland Age: 22

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Years Surfing: 10

Sponsors: Volcom, Northcore, Alder, Electric, Emerald, Surfworld

Favorite Spot: Mullaghmore, Ireland.

Favorite country: I love Indo and Mexico but it's hard to beat the beauty and waves of home.

Goals: I have many goals but my main aim is to push myself as hard as I can to paddle into big, scary, hollow waves around the globe. Everything else is a stepping stone towards that.

First board: A piece of shit 6'4 with a stretchy plastic cover that I loved with all my heart.
Warm Ups: Sprinting down to the shoreline when I see a good set. Also, tripping over my leash in front of a bunch of hotties is a good warm up.
What gets you motivated to surf: The thought of surfing fun waves with just a few good friends.

Side Tracks: A cold beer, cooking and nutrition.

Music/Bands: Everything from AC/DC to Daft Punk to Kendric Lamar.

Videos/Movies: I'm not really a huge movie fan but I do like laughing a lot so something along the lines of Anchorman.

Best style: Craig Anderson, Mitch and John John of course.

Random Information: I once knocked my front teeth out by front flipping off a car and landing on tarmac. I love my sister very much even though she KO'd me with a metal pole when I was young. I'm the same height as Harry Potter (5'6'').

Favorite Volcom Jeans: Chilli Chocker

Favorite Boardshorts: Stoney Mod Boardshorts
One thing you can't leave home without: In Ireland, lots and lots of clothes.

Special Thanks: A special thanks to my Mum, sister and Grandmother for always being there for me and supporting me even when I skipped school to go surfing. My girlfriend for putting up with me. To my friends for pushing me and always making surfing fun. And to Volcom and the rest of my amazing sponsors for helping me live my dream.


Joan Duru — One Day in Morocco
Couple years ago, Joan Duru scored one unbelievable 10ft wave in Morocco that people are still talking about! Last week  forecasts looked great and Joan and his friend Marc Lacomare set up a quick trip in the North of Africa. Unfortunately the swell was not so big than expected  but the boys managed to score one good day of surfing! Joan showed again why most people call his backhand surfing one of the best in the world. After a great WQS season start, with a semi final at the Volcom Pipe Pro, Joan is now in Australia for the 2 first big WQS events of the season. Good luck!!! 
The World belongs to those who get up early with Joan Duru
Joan Duru is often the first in the water and the last to go out! This September 15th, he enjoyed one of the best surf session of the year under the eye of Alex Lesbats. Don’t miss this impressive short clip, the last wave is insane!
ELI — Joan Duru, Charly Quivront, Justin Becret
Three generations of surfers are reunited in this clip with one only obsession: the green room! Joan Duru, one of the best european surfer, Charly Quivront, one top european junior surfer and the super grom Justin Becret are enjoying perfect waves in the south west of France. Trust us, there's nowhere you'd rather be right now.
Volcom Team Jamming on the East Coast of Oz
Volcom Team shredders Carlos Munoz, Ozzie Wright, Parker Coffin, Mitch Coleborn, Joan Duru, and Gony Zubizarreta jamming on the east coast of Australia during the warmer months. The team’s varied, as are the conditions, which makes for a fun mess of small(er) wave hot-dogging. Carlos for Costa Rican prez!
Joan Duru | Engine OFF
Power surfing is in the spotlight in this short movie filmed last winter in Hawaii by Jim Opar Studio. But what makes it different? Well, even if it’s not the most famous wave of Oahu Island, Haleiwa is heavy and powerful. Plus, it unsurprisingly fits perfectly with Joan Duru's solid backhand surfing. Enjoy the clip and... how radical is the move at 01:11!?!  
Au Chilon - Joan Duru
  Joan Duru spends most of his time traveling around the world, following the WQS tour while trying to join the world elite of the WSL World Tour. With an over-busy schedule, he misses most of the time the best surf sessions in Hossegor, his hometown, in France. Fortunately, Joan was finally able to enjoy good surf conditions during his winter break at home. Mixing Paddling and « step off » sessions, Joan was one of the best surfers in the water in tubular and gnarly waves that he loves so much and can’t find on the tour WQS. Don’t miss « AU CHILON » filmed and edited by Alex Lesbats.