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Conor Maguire

Conor Maguire

Von: Bundoran, Ireland Age: 23

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Years Surfing: 10

Sponsors: Volcom, Northcore, Alder, Electric, Emerald, Surfworld

Favorite Spot: Mullaghmore, Ireland.

Favorite country: I love Indo and Mexico but it's hard to beat the beauty and waves of home.

Goals: I have many goals but my main aim is to push myself as hard as I can to paddle into big, scary, hollow waves around the globe. Everything else is a stepping stone towards that.

First board: A piece of shit 6'4 with a stretchy plastic cover that I loved with all my heart.
Warm Ups: Sprinting down to the shoreline when I see a good set. Also, tripping over my leash in front of a bunch of hotties is a good warm up.
What gets you motivated to surf: The thought of surfing fun waves with just a few good friends.

Side Tracks: A cold beer, cooking and nutrition.

Music/Bands: Everything from AC/DC to Daft Punk to Kendric Lamar.

Videos/Movies: I'm not really a huge movie fan but I do like laughing a lot so something along the lines of Anchorman.

Best style: Craig Anderson, Mitch and John John of course.

Random Information: I once knocked my front teeth out by front flipping off a car and landing on tarmac. I love my sister very much even though she KO'd me with a metal pole when I was young. I'm the same height as Harry Potter (5'6'').

Favorite Volcom Jeans: Chilli Chocker

Favorite Boardshorts: Stoney Mod Boardshorts
One thing you can't leave home without: In Ireland, lots and lots of clothes.

Special Thanks: A special thanks to my Mum, sister and Grandmother for always being there for me and supporting me even when I skipped school to go surfing. My girlfriend for putting up with me. To my friends for pushing me and always making surfing fun. And to Volcom and the rest of my amazing sponsors for helping me live my dream.


My Irish Mother Nature by Conor Maguire
This edit has been filmed around where Conor Maguire and the rest of team involved in the making, grew up. Ireland is a dark and moody mistress most of the time but even on the most stormy days in the depths of winter there is still something magical about this place. Ancient ruins on a rugged coastline and a dramatic weather is what he has to deal with. In between the madness there's sometimes the odd window where the wind drops or swings and he gets a chance to go in the water. His best friends Peter Clyne and Fionn Rogers managed to capture a few of the rare moments when Mother Nature decided to co-operate. Conor explains : “Mullaghmore is a wave I have dreamed of surfing since I was a kid. To have it on my doorstep is such a privilege. I've gotten the best waves and worst beating of my life at Mullaghmore but every time I go out there I come in with the biggest smile on my face, even if I don't catch a wave, because I know 12 year old me would be so stoked.” The video soundtrack has been done by his friend Cian O'Donnell and his girlfriend, Jessie Solange, added a wee bit of violin at the end. They wanted an original music for the video that would allow the viewer to really feel what was happening on the screen. Enjoy!
Conor Maguire — Threading-edges
Mullaghmore is beast of a wave that growls uncontrolled on the Atlantic coast of Ireland. Few dare to tackle it but those who do return with tales of "their best day ever". Meet Conor Maguire and friends as they describe the wave, from first sessions to dreams of riding it at 13 metres plus. This is big wave surfing Ireland style!
Conor Maguire Messed Up
Conor Maguire is an Irish freak and one of the best new upcoming big wave surfer in Europe. Here is the proof with this little documentary clip about the gnarly wave of Mulghamore and how local warriors train to go big! Great job « little » Conor!