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Danger Dave

Danger Dave

Von: Richterswil Age: 26

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Birth Date: 12/07/1989

Birth Place: Lima, Peru

Current Residence: Richterswil, CH

Stance: Regular

Other Sponsors: Bataleon, Smith, Vans, Planetsports, Nixon, Clast, Gummilove

Dave was born in Lima Peru, but raised in the Swiss moutains, where it didn’t take him long to develop a profound love for backcountry snowboarding. Calling Hoch-Ybrig his local mountain, Dave has spent the last two years filming for Isenseven and together with his partner in crime, Mu ‘Stephan Maurer) he delivered perhaps the part of the year, in Isenseven’s current release “A way we go”, which already earned him the cover of both MBM and The Reason magazines.. Dave exclusively wears the Volcom GPT line when snowboarding. Off snow he’s an avid filmer, photographer and editor, check out some of his work on his instagram “debeka”

What was your first snowboard: Crazy Creek & it had an alien on it.

What was your first snowboard movie that got you hooked: The Resistance

Scariest moment of the season: Catching a shark right before the takeoff off a clif on a helitrip in Courmayeur.

Best trip: Stevens Pass with the boys

One item you always have in your snowboard pants: Goggle wipe

Besides snowboarding: Filming, exploring, adventures, people

Future plans: Showing the people the fun in snowboarding & everything that goes into getting a line or a trick. For most snowboarders it's the way & effort to the video part or the podium, which makes them love the sport.


BOTTLED Alex Botelho
Alex Botelho - the big man from the Volcom surf team - launched his new surf movie from Portugal. Alex is well known to be one of the best European big wave riders, but this is a reminder that he is also a talented surfer in "normal waves". Sit back and enjoy this psychedelic edit from one of our favorite free surfer in Europe. Great job Alex.
Alex Botelho: Best portuguese free surfer of the year!
Alex Botelho was voted by the public and the jury as the best portuguese free surfer of the year beating the competion and confirming his true love of surfing in it's purest form. The Big Boy embodies all that's right and pure about surfing, from big Mavericks to onshore drivel you can be sure he'll be stoked on riding whatever Mother Nature throws at him. From impossible barrels to small alley oops he thrives on it and remembers us what's really important about surfing.  
Alex Botelho | Timeless Resemblances
Alex Botelho just launched his last clip filmed at home in Portugal. Have a look and enjoy a small trip into Alex’s natural habitat. Photo: Tom Carey
«No Edit Indonesia» | Alex Botelho
Alex Botelho, the big boy from Portugal, is back with a fresh new clip filmed in Indonesia this year. As usual with Alex, a funny edit with some great surfing and big barrels! Enjoy.
The New SurfEurope #106 landed in the office with a back to back interview with our own Mr Wright "Ozzie in Indo" and our very own Alex Botelho "Livin' Large" from Portugal. Grab this issue to get to know these two a little better and read what makes these two characters tick and tock.
ALEX BOTELHO | Moche Winter Waves podium, Portugal
Lasting through all the rounds of this years edition of Moche's Winter Waves video contest, and taking the numero segundo for "The Best Wave" was our tall smiley friend by the name of Mr Alex Botelho. Congratulations Alex for this spot in a hard barrelled competition.