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Markus Keller

Markus Keller

Von: Davos Age: 35

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Date of Birth: Santa claus day

Place of Origin: Mostindia, Switzerland

Current Residence: The road or Zürich

Stance: Regular

Other Sponsors: Nitro, Red bull, Vans, Clast, Love, Mavericks shop, Gummi lLove

Markus "Mä" Keller or the Chamäleon himself  is one of the last true snowboarding all-rounders. Whether its transition, park , back country, jibbing or big mountain riding that rocks your boat, Markus Keller can ride it. This year, the former World Halfpipe Champ, Arctic Challenge winner, and proud cover boy of 17 snow mags within one calendar year put all his eggs in one basket and dedicated himself 100% towards filming for "Chamäleon", his signature movie that's co-sponsored and produced by Volcom.  With the looks of Marky Mark (Quote Cody Dresser) and on-snow skills the equivalent of Dirk Diggler’s sheet savagery, we should be in for a treat.. Stay tuned for a Chamäleon premiere coming close to you.

What was your first snowboard? Burton air 128

What was your first snowboard movie that got you hooked? Mack dawg's DECADE

Scariest moment of the season? Different moments and situations on the snowmobile in canada

Best trip? BC, canada

One item you always have in your snowboard pants? A little change to celebrate the day with a beer

Besides snowboarding? Ride, cruise, fly, pop, drink, slide, cook, chill, grind, fix, love, float,...

Future plans? Continue living my dreams


Volcomgratulations To Our Team
The Volcom Family is a wildly diverse group of talented human beings: surfers, skaters, riders, musicians, artists, and committed creative individuals who simply refuse to settle. They are more than just dreamers. They are doers. The diehards. Pushing it further. Sweating every detail, unwilling to relent. They are uniquely driven souls whose actions speak much louder than words. Charging forward in all environments and fueled by an unyielding dedication to craft. This crew—our crew—is the raw embodiment of Volcom’s TRUE TO THIS ideology. Channeling their energy, their potential, and their passion. They are collectively shaping tomorrow, today. Volcomgratulations to our team. photo: Daniel Cabral
Markus Keller on the cover of Sequence Magazine Italy
Congrats to Markus Keller and Matt Georges for scoring yet another cover, shot in the magical Volcom Team house side country
Markus Keller on the cover of the latest issue of Frequency Mag
Congrats to Mä and french photographer Matt Georges for landing the cover of Feinschmecker magazine Frequency… The trick in question is a huge fs 7, shot in the Volcom Snow Team house backcountry. Congrats boys!  
Markus Keller on the cover of Method Mag¹s Product issue
Yup, that's Keller for you, on a 183 swallow tail in the massive Laax pipe. You try riding one of those on the slope next time you go riding.. Bravo Markus
Markus Keller get the cover of the latest issue of Pleasure Magazine
Markus got a new Nitro Cannon 183cm swallow tail board early this season, the equivalent of a Rhino Chaser in Surfing. The pow never came, but Keller took an intense liking to his pow gun, to the point where he started riding it in the pipe, even using it during the Burton Euro Open. Lorenz Holder captured him at the apex of a huge melon air to fakie. I wish you could hear him landing this trick, the closest thing it resembles that comes to mind is a heavily overweight person being smacked on the ass with a huge pata negra ham leg. Congrats to Markus for the cover and the innovation !
Levi Luggen, DBK and Markus Keller go Nipple Deep at home
If you're Swiss and King Winter happens to be around there's no need to travel. Few countries can rightfully brag about riding as spectacular as Switzerland. But why take out word for it? Look for yourself.