Maud Le Car

Maud Le Car

Von: St. Martin Age: 24

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Birth Date: 05/25/1992

Birthplace: St. Martin, French Caribbean

Currently living: Capbreton, France

Sponsors: Volcom, Vans, Electric, Para’kito

What do you love most about being a pro surfer, and what's the toughest part: The thing I love the most about being a pro surfer is having the opportunity to live my passion while traveling all around the world. Being lucky to discover new countries, amazing waves and landscapes while spending my days in the water. I always wanted to be a pro surfer and I work so hard for it. Today I’m proud to be living my dream life even though being a pro surfer also means making a lot of sacrifices like living far from my family and friends and focusing all the time on my goals.

How do you mentally prepare yourself for a contest: 
I think the most important thing is to always do your best. To do everything you can to succeed and to not have any regrets. I look at contests as a game; playing on the waves and trying to improve myself and my surfing in any kind of situation. I do this because surfing is my passion and something I love to do.

How do you describe your surfing style: 
I think my surfing style is radical and engaged - sometimes a little bit aggressive.

What do you like to do during your down time (when you're not surfing): My second passion is art - I love to paint, spray and draw. I am painting a lot on surfboards, canvas's or skateboards recently to vary my creativity. I also did my first art show this summer!

How long have you been on the women's tour and how enjoyable is it: 
I have been on the women's tour for three years and it’s honestly getting better every year. Sometimes the contests make me nervous but I still have fun because it’s after all just surfing, the thing I love to do the most.

What's more inspiring to you at this moment, love and happiness or money and fame: For sure love and happiness.

What charities are you involved in: I am involved in Keep A Breast (Association against breast cancer). I recently painted a cast that is going to be sold to raise money for the association. In the future I would love to have my own association for the protection of the environment and the ocean.

Is there any place in the world you have not yet surfed but have always wanted to: Mentawaii!!!

What's the secret to your fit body: I stay in shape buy eating raw and fresh food and always keeping my body in action... having fun doing sports.

Fancy restaurant or local night club: Local night club!

What makes Volcom Women's so unique: 
We are rocking!!! We are able to be natural and be completely ourselves without anybody forcing us to be something we are not.

What do you wan the girls out there reading to never forget?: To believe in your own dream and never to give up. You girls are all special and amazing so go big, have fun and be happy!


Twitter: @FollowTheMaud


Maud Le Car journeys back home to Sint Marteen in Episode #1 of Follow The Maud
The beautiful Maud Le Car is bringing back some sun from her holidays at home in St Martin, Caribbean! She is sharing with us her first episode of her web series as well as her new website. A very good start to the new year! Between photoshoots and training, she enjoyed local waves, wakeboarding, family time and parties. She’s more than ready and super motivated to begin this new season. We wish her all the best for 2016! Follow the Maud web series will be updated on her next episode in Huntington Beach. Credit: Rebecca Amber Apart from this, she just launched A great personal project! Travel with her around the world for contests with her schedule and results. Maud is also passionated about art, view her posts of her paintings on surfboards, new surf bags project with her mom and tons of pictures and videos! Credit: Brian Belman    
Interview with Maud Le Car
We had a chance to catch up with our very own Maud Le Car this week to ask her about her strong quarter final finish at Copa El Salvador Impresionante. Here's what she had to say... Was this your first trip to El Salvador? Have you surfed or heard of this wave before? This was my first trip to El Salvador and all I heard about this wave of Punta Roca, the wave of the contest, was that it's an amazing long right, a world class wave in super warm water. What to you like about surfing this wave?  I like surfing this wave because it's just so rippable. I love long rights and Punta Roca is a point break so it's always breaking in the same place with a long wall all the way down until the end of the wave. You can make so many turns in the pocket, it's just paradise. What are/were your favorite things about this trip? My favorite things about this trip were first the wave of Punta Roca and the fact that I made a result but more so that I had the opportunity to show my surf. I learned a lot during this contest about myself and the way I abord contest. What made the difference, why did you do so well at this event?  I think what made the difference in this contest was the way I changed my vision of competing. I started this year in 5th and 9th place and expected others good results to qualify in the world tour 2016. I put so much pressure on myself, I couldn't even just do my surf during a heat… I had been losing on the first round on the last 3 events and that was really frustrating. It was hard to see my dream for the qualification this year go a little bit farther away every first round I didn't make. I realized that whatever the results, what I love the most is just surfing and the amazing feeling surfing gives me. The simple fact that to surf makes me feel so alive and happy is the most important thing for me. So I went to El Salvador just to HAVE FUN and without expecting or waiting for a result. I think I did well because I was enjoying my heats and was just thinking about destroying the waves and not about the result. Tell us what you were thinking about while in your heat(s)? And where are you off to now? It's weird but during my heats I was thinking about nothing! I was just breathing, waiting for the waves and once the wave was there I just focused on surfing my best - limitless- Now I am off to France, my "second home", and I am happy to be back training and I am super motivated for upcoming events in France and the last 6000 in Pantin. I am going to stay on the same good vibes and do my best to have fun. Do you plan on traveling to El Salvador again? Why? For sure I will be back in El Salvador if the contest is ON next year! Or maybe for a surf trip to do a surf video… Such fun waves in Salvador and there are many good spots for great footage and practicing on a really great rights.
Maud Le Car x Elle Green
What a fabulous combo: the artsy, French and fun Volcom Surfer Maud Le Car and the genius behind the camera lens, Australian Volcom Ambassador Elle Green. No strangers to each other as they had already met up in Australia a couple times to snap some lifestyle shots. Now however it was our European pleasure to have Elle on our home turf, in our backyard in Les Landes, on the coast of Southwest France. Elle or @hellgreen as we all know her on instagram, was actually visiting Europe with her sister and as we always try to think of reasons to have fun, we set up this little shoot for one of our all time favorite papers, Surf Girl magazine. Wanting to showcase both our spring and summer lines, we ended up just fooling around on the beach, as the surf was flat. We headed out to the little town of Labenne where Maud knew we could found this beautiful abandoned church right on top of the dunes. After that, a good lunch and heavy tummy’s we couldn’t help but wrap up the day in our friends pool with some proper canon balls. The behind the scenes clip says it all. We love our global Volcom family! The wonderful and eclectic mix of surfers, artist, photographers, musicians, skaters, snowboarders… you name it. All fantastic individuals and the cream of their crop. Follow the girls at: @hellgreen @maudlecar
Coco and Maud for Sport & Style Magazine
Ever wondered what it'd look like if high fashion brands like Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga got worn by surfers? And to make it even more contrasted, menswear on female surfers... Photographer Alex Brunet caught up with two of our surf beauties Coco Ho & Maud Le Car during the 5th Swatch Pro Girl's surf contest a couple months ago in Hossegor, France. They shot a fashion story for the French magazine Sport & Style, and the issue is out now both in print and online. Here's some of our favorite shots.           To learn more about the photographer Alex Brunet - check out his website or follow him on instagram. @alexbrunet11
Winners | Follow the Maud Episode 3: Beat Street vs. Reality Bites Contest
CONTEST RESULTS The Beat Street vs. Reality Bites Bikini Contest is finally over and we have our lucky winners! Beat Street got the most love but all's fair in love and war and so Maud's giving one of each styles away: Ariana Diaz (Spain) & Lucie Alcover (France). Congratulations! Keep an eye on your emails. After having a fun surf, when she’s managed to pull herself out of the water onto dry land, Maud want’s to be ready for anything. In both the Beat Street and the Reality Bites bikini styles she can look good and have fun whatever she’s up to. She shows you how it’s done in the third and final episode. Generous as she is, she wants to make sure you’re looking your finest this summer and so she’s giving away one of these unique styles! Which one do you prefer? Vote and enter to win your favorite!
Win a day with Maud Le Car
* Contest without purchase obligation in store and on from 30 May to 21 June 2016. Event to be held in July in Hossegor,  FRANCE subject to good weather conditions. Transport and accommodation offered by Volcom.
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