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Pedro Barros

Pedro Barros

Von: Florianopolis Age: 23

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Birth Date: 03/16/1995

Birth Place: Florianopolis - South Island of Brazil - RTMF

Currently Living: Florianopolis - RTMF

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 119 lbs

Stance: Regular

Sponsors: Volcom, Vans, Red Bull, Indy, Evoke, Drop Dead, Pocket Pistol, G-Shock and Type-S

Volcom Rider Since: 2006


Pedro Barros Transfers Peninsula at Combi-Bowl
Pedro Barros shuts down the 10th Annual Vans Pool Party at the Combi-Bowl in Orange, CA with a never been done transfer over the Peninsula from the square vert bowl to the round. Filmed by Remy Stratton
Volcom at Fun Fun Fun Fest: Day 1 Photos
Day 1 of the 2014 Fun Fun Fun Fest is in the books. See you tomorrow Austin. Alex Midler, lein to tail. Photo Arto Saari. Grant Taylor pivot on the speaker. Photo Arto Saari. Axel Cruysberghs, Noseblunt. Photo Arto Saari. Blood Brothers on the Black Stage. Photo Gary Copeland Luke McKirdy, backside ollie. Photo Arto Saari. Omar Hassan, Melon to Fakie Milton Martinez, Frontside Ollle. Photo Arto Saari. Pedro Barros, Ollie. Photo Arto Saari. Stone Balloon Flying High. Photo Arto Saari. Killer Mike of Run The Jewels. Photo Gary Copeland. El-P and Killer Mike are Run The Jewels. Photo Gary Copeland. Grant Taylor, Backside 360. Photo Arto Saari. Pedro Barros, Backside nosepick. Photo Arto Saari. Yelle lighting up the Blue Stage. Photo Gary Copeland.
Volcom at the Vans Pro-Tec pool party
This years Van's Pro-Tec Pool Party lived up to it's reputation by being one of the most exciting bowl events of the year. The sessions are always intense and on edge all day. It was apparent from the start that Bucky, Pedro and Rune (each of which have won this event more than once in past years) were going to battle it out all the way through to the finals and that's exactly what happened. The results were Bucky 1st, Pedro 2nd and Rune 3rd. Big thanks from Volcom to Pedro and Rune for putting forth a truly gnarly day of battle. Being there was incredible and it's no doubt the crowds were equally impressed. The whole block was roaring. Pedro - fs air on the round Back Smith Off The Hip AlleyOop Indy Backside air on the round Pedro -fs ollie Front Smith Seatbelt 540 on the round Pedro - pedro poolside indy 5 on the square! Rune - FS Ollie over the Hip nosebone on the round backside smith off the hip frontside heel Rune and pedro Winners!
PEDRO BARROS WINS AT DEW TOUR PANTECH BEACH CHAMPIONSHIPS 8/22/2012 Pedro Barros returned to Ocean City ready to defend his title as beach bowl champ. Following the first two heats of skating, mother nature decided to step in and play a part in the outcome in an attempt to turn the beach skate bowl into a swimming pool. Eventually a group decision was made by the remaining five skaters to cut the competition short due to rain fall. Looking back on the skating in the first two heats the winner was clear - Barros did it again. "I was stoked with whatever happened in the results, but I wish we could have skated," said Barros happily with trophy in hand. Barros went on to mention his feelings about the location, "This is my second year [skating in Ocean City], the second year I won - I'm stoked on this place!" {Read the whole story at!} Photos: Dew Tour Pantech Beach Championships Results (Bowl): One. Pedro Barros 2. Bucky Lasek 3. Ben Hatchell 4. Sandro Dias 5. Schaar step 6. Alex Sorgente 7. Andy MacDonald 8. Joshua Rodriguez 9. Kalani David 10. Zach Miller Congratulations again, Pedro!
Another Summer X-Games has come and gone and Volcom's skate team was able to do all sorts of damage while grabbing up a variety pack of awards. Leticia Bufoni won Silver in Women's Street, Pedro Barros won Gold in Superpark with Rune Glifberg getting the Bronze and Collin Provost won the fan favorite in Real Street. Congratulations to all of our skaters! Now check out some photos of them shredding: David Gonzalez, fs 5-0 Dennis Busenitz, back lip Grant Taylor, boneless David Gravette, bein' awesome Leticia Bufoni, front lip Alex Midler, 5050 Pedro Barros Pedro, Indy 540 Alex Perelson Geoff Rowly Rune Glifberg, Lien Rune, Lipslide and as promised, here's that topless video
Pedro Barros and Rune Glifberg went 1st and 2nd place for the 2nd year running at the 2012 Protec Pool Party on Saturday evening. The event was packed, with a skateboarding's royalty and a capacity crowd to cheer them on. Pedro and Rune shut the bowl down throughout a heavy finals session and came out on top. Volcomgratulations to both!