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Scott Blum

Scott Blum

Von: Newbury Park Age: 32

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Birth Date:  7.29.86

Birth Place:  Newbury Park, Ca.

Current Residence: Mammoth Lakes, Ca

Stance: Regular. 22.25 +18, +6

Favorite Volcom piece: Oil stained pant.

Sponsors: Volcom, CAPiTA, Valsurf, Vestal, Electric, Etnies.

Scott Blum rides fast, puts his headphones on blast, sprays skiers, and doesn’t stop for anyone. His snowboarding is aggressive, and he loves it. Blum is punk rock. He grew up riding Los Angeles County local spot, Mt. High, after school and on weekends. During a trip to Mammoth when he was 16, Blum decided he wasn’t going back home. So, he dropped out of school, found a couch to sleep on and bought a pass. Scott still calls Mammoth home, and you can find him lapping South Park just about everyday of the week. In 2012, Blum received the cover of Snowboarder Magazine’s January issue, along with releasing a full part in Volcom’s video, IP2. Look for Blum in Veeco Productions latest film True To This, a feature film celebrating America's first boarding company. Blum loves snowboarding more than the world, and wouldn’t trade anything for being able to ride a chairlift everyday.
What was your first snowboard: Gnu.

What was your first snowboard movie that got you hooked: Destroyer and Amp!

Scariest moment of the season: ski patrol taking and punching holes in my season pass.

Best trip: June Mtn. with harrisongordon.

One item you always have in your snowboard pants: shoe lace that has a lighter, chap stick and my pass tied onto it.

Besides snowboarding: dirtbikes, skateboards, tunes.

Future plans: No plans.

Currently: Dog poop in the waffle grip.

Under my feet: Skateboard

In my ears: Flower Travelin band

It's important for me to: Open the front door so dog can poop

On the calendar: Camping road trip through Yosemite and down coast to Ventura.


A high voltage shred flick. Low sleep, high energy, snowboarding, skateboarding, loud, fast, fun, free. Featuring: Benny Milam, Reid Smith, Dylan Alito, Arthur Longo, Pat Moore, Curtis Ciszek, Torgeir Bergrem, Cody Warble, CJ Collins, Collin Provost, Scott Blum, Axel Cruyberghs, Mike Rav, Noa Deane & more
The Irrational Pursuit, The Exploration Of "This"
What connects a ballet dancer and a skateboarder? A musician and snowboarder? Dive deeper with us as we journey into the 'True To This' mindset, exploring what it means to let go and let the irrational pursuit of your passion take over. Featuring the most diverse compilation of Volcom ambassadors ever assembled in a short film since the inception of the brand, these influential and legendary Volcom family members pull back the curtain and get real about that special place they all go to in their head and what it takes to get there. No matter if you're skater, surfer, snowboarder, maker, activist, techie, foodie, entrepreneur or inventing something entirely new, it's impossible to deny the vast parallels of life when they are led by the same internal force… passion.
Mike Rav & friends enjoy the last snow at Mammoth Mountain-California
This is a must-see edit if spring snow, mini-shred and then going skating is just your thing. Check out Mike Rave, Scott Blum and others do what they do best and then start California dreaming.
Veeco: A Volcom Film Making Documentary Available Now; Streaming Free For 48-Hours
Directed by Jamie Heinrich, Veeco: A Volcom Film Making Documentary the story behind the Volcom filmmaking legacy, Veeco Productions, is streaming for free online at for the next 48-hours. Veeco… is also available today on iTunes. Veeco: A Volcom Film Making Documentary takes a journey through the Volcom film library and 21 years of living a life completely out of the ordinary. Go behind the scenes with the filmmakers and riders as they share their tales of blood, sweat and debacle in such iconic films as Alive We Ride, The Garden, Stoney Baloney, Subjekt Haakonsen, Magna Plasm, Chichagof and more. Featuring interviews with Richard Woolcott, Troy Eckert, Remy Stratton, Terje Haakonsen, Jamie Lynn, Gavin Beschen, Bryan Iguchi, Dustin Dollin, Ozzie Wright, Caswell Berry, Rune Glifberg, Ryan Thomas, Dusty Payne, Curtis Ciszek, Dylan Alito, Scott Blum, Seth Huot, Kai Garcia, Ryan Sheckler, Grant Taylor, Dan Brisse, Colin Provost and Tai Van Dyke.
The Arctic Challenge 2014
Here's an edit our filmer Pirmin Juffinger put together after some fun times in Oslo with Markus Keller, Arthur Longo, Scott Blum, and Terje Haakonsen. Big thanks to Terje, Henning, Hilde and the city of Oslo for having us.
Scott Blum wins the Merril Mini Pipe Invitational
This Saturday held the 2nd annual Merril Mini Pipe invitational. Bringing out a wide array of riders including Volcoms owns Mike Rav and Scott Blum to ideal conditions and a perfect mini pipe including both frontside and backside hips into it. Scott layed down one of the wildest pipe runs to date, including a mctwist 7 and array of plants. Ending the day with $5000 for first place and a nice little $250 for best handplant. Not bad for a day riding the pipe with all your friends… Photos: T. Bird