The Volcom Chamshack

November 2019 has officially been renamed Snowember, with no less than eight storms hitting the Alps from the south so far, making conditions look more like early February than December

If that’s not enough stimuli to get your juices flowing, then this clip from Volcom’s Chamshack year II surely will;

Throw talent, testosterone, the tallest peaks in Europe and tons of tall boys into a mixer and this is what you get: An edit celebrating the splendor of life in the mountains and the beauty of gliding on snow. Filmed and edited by Olivier Gittler in Chamonix.


Riders :
Arthur Longo ; Ludvig Billtoft ; Mortitz Thoenen ; Olivier Gittler ; Victor Pellegrin (Volcom skate team)
Music :
Huron John – Little League
Courtesy of Nice Guys Records