CROSSPOLLUTION is a potent mixture of Volcom’s Snowboarding and Skateboard teams into a concentrated potion full of high voltage hammers, hijinx and everything in between.  Following up the 2017 incipient release of CROSSPOLLUTION, we did it again, but this time piled the boys in the Van and set out across the Western US hitting Ski resorts and skate spots on a full blown #CP2OUR.

Following last years initial CROSSPOLLUTION mash up we put snow ambassadors Lenny Mazzotti, Reid Smith, Cody Warble, Benny Milam, Mike Ravelson, Scott Blum and Jack Harrold in the van with skate ambassadors CJ Collins, Henry Gartland, Alec Majerus and Axel Cruysberghs traversing from the top of the best ski resorts the western coast has to offer down to the grittiest skate spots in the high desert.

Lenny, Cody, Reid, Rav, Jack, CJ, Alec, Henry and Benny at the summit of Snowbird

Alec Majerus dropping a Cross Polluted Tre bomb (in snow boots!) in the Parking Lot of Boreal/Woodward Tahoe

Alec takes the 360 flip over the trash can at Vegas’ legendary Desert West Skatepark, no snow boots this time though!


Lenny Mazzotti on fire the whole tour, his home court was no exception. Back lip at Snow Summit, CA in his L Gore Tex Jacket and pants.

Thriller Cody Warble greasing up the dance floor with a Micheal Jackson Slide in the Forest Trail Park of the Mammoth Unbound.

Axel Cruysberghs nosegrinds over the gap in Vegas.

Scott Blum took us to this DIY in Vegas that was just getting started. CJ Collins going straight off the top rope!
Henry Gartland was grushing everything! BS flip at Vegas' Desert West Skatepark

Henry Garland getting at one of nature’s Hubba ledges at Snowbird UT.

With any chance to get inverted, Benny Milam puts his own spin on the Method-ology jump at Brighton Utah.

Reid Smith aka the Chimp swinging around the MTB park at Snow Summit CA.

Alec Majerus nosgrinding in a dusty ditch in Reno, NV.
Breaking up the drive in Elko, NV, CJ Collins puts down a noseblunt during golden hour

CJ Collins with the ol’ rope duck to roof ollie at Snowbird UT.

Jack Harold rips on the mountains but can also throw down on the streets! Nosegrind in Las Vegas, NV

Pat Moore couldn’t help but to hop on tour for a stop to show the boys around for Sierra- At – Tahoe.

Henry Gartland put alot of tricks down in his Deadly Stones pullover

this kickflip in a Reno, NV ditch came way too easy!

The Tahoe Welcoming Committee.

Theres always some sort of hijinx to be had! Benny and Lenny riding a different 4 wheeled vehicle

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Photos: Mark Clavin / Snowboarder Magazine, Ethan Stone and Daniel Cabral

Words and Edit: Seth Huot

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